Monday, November 12, 2007

I MOVED!!!!!!!


CLICK ME!!!!!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

WHY must they RUIN our childhood memories!!

Today I was starving at lunch and bought a miriad of items at Costco to stock in my desk. Well........I bought rolls, Fruit Snacks and Cheese and crackers.

I have to say it- WHAT IN THE HELL IS THE "Cheese" SUPPOSED TO BE??? When I was little I used to love them. What have they done!!

[15:55] jenfullmer88: You know
[15:56] jenfullmer88: When I was little- Cheese and Crackers was ACTUAL cheese
[15:56] jenfullmer88: it had to be kept in the fridge
[15:56] jenfullmer88: and it was CLUB crackers
[15:56] jenfullmer88: and you got FIVE crackers
[15:56] jenfullmer88: Cheap bastards
[15:56] Jeremy: yeah It's true
[15:56] Jeremy: now it's cancer spread

Makes me think of all the other things the corporations have ruined. Mainly- CEREAL! Cereal tastes nothing now like it used to! I know it as soon as I see a box that says "NEW AND IMPROVED!" Improved my ass!!!!!! They ruined Honeycombs so much I wrote an angry letter!! Trix......RUINED THEM! They taste nothing like they used to. Same with Cookie Crisp and Capn Crunch.

My wisdom for the food industry- IF SOMETHING WORKS LEAVE IT ALONE! Stop messing with our products or I will hunt you down and send you an angry letter too!!

That said..............

[15:58] jenfullmer88: although I have to say
[15:58] jenfullmer88: that runny goo hit the spot
[15:58] Jeremy: It does doesn't it

Monday, October 29, 2007


OK- so that's it! I am HOOKED! I have always wanted to watch Weeds but didn't start at the beginning. So I felt like I was cheating if I was to start MID ways through season 3. Made no sense to me. This weekend I decided who cares! I was flat in bed all weekend so I might as well watch something good right.

I AM TOTALLY HOOKED! Its fantastic!! I love it, its hilarious. I now have to watch Seasons 1 and 2 so I can say I have seen them all! I loved it. It was BRILLIANT.

Another show I got hooked on was Dexter. I loved it. Brett didn't like it so much, maybe its because of my comments through it.....who knows. Maybe my comments disturbed him. I loved it. And I am saving it for surgery time!

Surgery time is approaching! YIKES! I made the mistake of googling what they are going to do to me. Now I am petrified. NO ONE would should know what is going to happen to you in that much detail before it happens.

I am making a list of entertaining things for while I am in bed. The painkillers they give me better work that's all I can say!!!!



Friday, October 26, 2007

Reunited and it feeeeeeeeeels sooooo good!

SO this week I got in touch with people I haven't spoken to in over a decade!!!!! It was great.

I think I should be a detective as I was able to track all these people down in just a day!!

I talked to so many people from the past it was great. All of them remembered me really well and were happy to hear from me.

I talked to one of my old friends Tiffany. She and I grew up together and used to have the best friendship. I felt bad we lost touch. She has kids and everything now! She and I talked about the olden days. The days when we both had bad perms and worshipped Boy George! Each of us SWORE and we would marry him. Ummmmmmm yahhhhhh if only we knew then what we know now.

We also recounted our trip to California when we were 10! It was SO much fun. We got to go see Solid Gold live. I thought for sure the stage would be GOLD and it would be the most amazing thing EVER!!!!!! WRONG! It was a huge letdown. But a fun memory now!

I also rode my first roller coaster on that trip. I was terrified and unfortunately we got in the wrong line and my first roller coaster trip was Colossus at Magic Mountain.......BACKWARDS! I screamed like no one has ever screamed. I thought I would die!

Fun Times Fun Times.

So in honor of that trip please enjoy this Solid Gold clip for back when!!!!!!

Ahhhhhh my heart still pangs a little when I see Boy George. I had a WALL SIZED poster of him I used to kiss goodnight and fantasize about at night. I know I know.........I need help :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

True Movie Magic Bliss!!!!


This movie is a MUST SEE movie. I got to see a sneak peek of it on Saturday and WOW I was in movie heaven for 1 hour and 35 minutes. I honestly NEVER wanted it to end. I wanted to stay and see more of Dans life.

My favorite Character of course being Steve
Carell . How can you NOT love this man. In this movie he was the best I have EVER seen him. He was funny, yet touching. He played being a dad, a brother and a son with GLORIOUS talent. You will laugh, and want to cry with him at the same time. LOVED him more than I can tell you.

Binoche- I cant even tell you how magical she is!!!! She absolutely GLOWS and SPARKLES! I fell in love with her in Chocolat and now I love her even more. She is just "Sparkly" that's all I can say to describe her!

Of course you had Dianne
Wiest and John Mahoney as the parents! FANTASTIC!!!!!

Surprisingly.........I HATE HATE HATE Dane Cook........however I LOVED him in this! I swore after Good Luck Chuck if I ever had to see his butt again I would barf. Luckily you are spared his butt in this! He is actually REALLY good in it, REALLY. I know I know.......I was shocked too!!!!

Also, one of my FAVORITE people Emily Blunt has a brief cameo in this movie that is FANTASTIC!!!!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I cant even tell you how amazing it was to sit and be part of this movie! You will leave feeling SOOOOOOOO good that it will take a long time to come down from your movie high!!!


Friday, October 19, 2007

Fake Nice?


So today I realized (thanks to Jeremy) that I am SUPER GOOD at being FAKE NICE!!!!! :)

Yes!!!! I fooled him into thinking I liked someone that I didn't...............YES my fake nice was THAT good!

I can be fake nice- fake mean- fake happy -fake sad. So, what does this say? Do you think I am fake??? Hmmmmmmmm? Now I wonder.

When I get an angry customer...........I diffuse it with my FAKE NICE VOICE. Works like a charm every time!!! Especially when the callers are male. Its sugary sweet and full of of Sugar and Spice and Everything nice :) By the end of the call the caller generally thinks I am the nicest person they have spoke to! YES!!!!!!!!! I fooled them! Little do they know what a real and true bitch I am!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha!

People- I can be FAKE NICE to people and make them THINK that I think they are the BEST! Then they can turn around and I will think...........gosh I hate them- HOW can I hurt them? Hmmmmmmm.

So in conclusion..........those that I GENUINELY like will know it. I wont use my fake nice voice with you- or be Sugary Sweet. You lucky few will see Jen in her truest light, ornery!

As Jeremy says.........."You are kinda crabby like that." So you Jeremy, can know I GENUINELY like you because you KNOW I am a bitch :) Do you feel special now? I SURE DO! :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Disable Day DIPS and random thoughts!

Hello!!!!! So yesterday was our big disable day of the month. What a relief to be done. So, for fun we had "Disable Day Dips!" It was really good I thought. Corinne brought a YUMMY Taco dip that I couldn't stop eating! YUMMO! All in all I think it made for a funner day.

Someone in Tech Support said to me yesterday how much they wished they worked in Customer Service. They said its like "Disneyland!" I have to agree, we are the fun side of work and the Disneyland of the company!!!!!! Its a happy place!

So- Brad had a girlfriend for a couple weeks. He took her to homecoming. I was NOT pleased with the situation since I am NOT ready for him to have a girlfriend or ever leave home......EVER. Plus, Homecoming his senior year conjures up all kinds of BAD BAD BAD BAD memories for me. It was like a painful milestone, Brad- Homecoming- Senior year. Reminded me too much of someone I hate.
Anyways........They broke up. I told him I was sorry and that he will meet someone more mature in college. Secretly.........I was overjoyed! Now, when Saw 4 and 30 days of Night come out I still have my movie buddy!!!!!! I KNOW I KNOW, you don't need to tell me..............That's SELFISH of me. I cant help it though......I think that's how it goes when your a parent. I want him to be mine forever. I know I will have to share him someday.........but not yet. Not now.

Ok- probably a topic of TMI- so guys you may want to stop reading now if you are easily freaked out.

I think I am going to have to have a Hysterectomy. I go to the Dr again tomorrow to discuss all my tests, but I really feel it coming.
One part of me will be relieved. The other part thinks I should fight it. Maybe this is why I had all my kids so young, maybe if I had waited I never would have had them. Maybe it will be a good thing to get it done now.
The other part of me says YIKES!!!!! DON'T DO IT! I am only 34 and not ready for Menopause yet. Plus, what if the hormones I have to take turn me into the bearded lady. Or what if I get Osteoporosis at 40! Ughhhhhhhhhhh- getting old sucks ass!!!!!!!!!
I guess I should stop thinking about IF and wait till I see the Dr tomorrow. Maybe its just ANOTHER test they want to run on me. I am like a pin cushion already. Maybe they want to inject radioactive Dyes into me for fun. OR maybe they want me to turn on my head and give me an UPSIDE DOWN Ultrasound. OR maybe they want me to rub my head and pat my belly while jabbing needles into me while I balance a bucket of water on my head! Who knows. STRESS STRESS STRESS STRESS STRESS STRESS STRESS STRESS